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Accept Your Light Within

Accept Your Light Within The White Brotherhood and Solomon through Alicja Bialasiewicz

This is a call to all of you lightworkers to begin your work.

Is there a message for us now in our world that we must know and heed and be aware of?

It is with the light of goodness that we rejoice at the bringing of light into your world and to the dimension of current events on your planet. Please rest assured that although much is changing, much is staying the same, and the goodness of all will prevail. Our federation of beings constantly watches over planet Earth and her inhabitants. It is of utmost importance to us all that the light of love reaches the darkest places in the human hearts. Much is being done on your behalf, and we only ask that you open your hearts to knowing that help is all around you. Those who are awakened into the light must share this truth with those who have yet to awaken and with those who hold fear in their hearts. Know and trust in the truth of love, as it is the only way for humankind to return since their journey began.

This world is your school. You came here freely to learn — and some of you to teach — greatness. Many of you are great scholars. You came to Earth to teach others how to return to their own light, a task that in your human form seems daunting and unappreciated without any tangible results. We are here to tell you how proud we are of the work you have accomplished and how far humankind has come from the work you've been doing. In your re-remembrance of your brightest light, you allow others to join in re-remembering their light. You have accomplished much. Do not cease your work. Each humanly perceived setback was a lesson your soul chose to learn. It was your ego searching for greatness.