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You Are Ready to Awaken to Full Consciousness

You Are Ready to Awaken to Full Consciousness Metatron through Lois Noonan

Life is an experience filled with tremendous shifts. As you awaken, you will remember them — one step forward after another, and it is never-ending. There is beyond and beyond and beyond. Trust that it is so, dear ones — it is so! You are ready to awaken to full consciousness. It will be quite an experience, this life on planet Earth! Already you have experienced many, many life situations, and now it is time to say, “Enough! I am ready to remember.” And you have been heard — congratulations! With the awakening, a whole amazing era of experience is being returned to you. It will be familiar. What a homecoming is awaiting you!

So for the moment, live your love and light. Be in the increasing vibrations. Be awake, be aware! All your distant relations are awaiting your return. Yes, know that this has always been the plan, dear ones. However, you might have reached a certain level of vibration before you can experience it. Just be receptive. Be in the love and light, bless all souls, and let them create their own space. A few will not follow at this time. Know that this is an acceptable choice for them. Love them and let them be.

There are no mistakes; no one will be left behind. All will grow up according to their own needs and choices. How wonderful it can be! Know that each soul is totally in control of itself, regardless of what you may desire for them. Know that only your unconditional love can serve them now. “Love and let live.” Grasp this expression and make it the basis of your wisdom.