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Use the Blessings the Spirit Guides Have Given You

Use the Blessings the Spirit Guides Have Given You Red Eagle through Riz Mirza

Hello! I am Red Eagle. It is very interesting what they say about a challenge, isn’t it? You cannot believe it — you see someone who is blind, like that Stevie Wonder, but he plays on the piano! How does he do it? There are some people who don’t even have all their fingers who are playing musical instruments better than some people who have all their fingers! It is amazing, right? How do they do it? Those guys are blindfolded Zen archers. The arrow goes right through the heart. I could have used a few men like that in my tribe, right?

What are those archers who have the blindfolds on doing? How do they do it? They are tuning in. They are letting themselves be guided. By what? By whatever you want to call it, but it is pure and it is good and it is strong. And there is a trust to let the arrow fly that has to happen here. Where it lands is where it is supposed to land. To get to that place of alignment it is going to take work — but not work like you are trying to get that leaves you exhausted. It can be fun work; it is like being in a laboratory. What about looking at yourselves as experiments? Experiment with yourself!

Many people want to change their lives, and they are too hard on themselves. They don’t want to experiment. To be a good scientist, you have to experiment and you have to be ready and aware of what the changes are and what the results are. You can apply it and make a new theory and a new way of being. And that is how you have everything that you have on this planet. That was the mindset.