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The Transformative Power of Signature Cell Healing

The Transformative Power of Signature Cell Healing Kirael through Kahu Fred Sterling

Fifty thousand years ago, signature cell healing, a four-body touch-healing technique, was brought forth on the continent of Lemuria. The signature cell, or God cell, is in perfection and resides in the pineal gland. When activated, the energy of the signature cell flows throughout all four bodies and all other cells in the physical body to align them. signature cell healing provides for complete healing, including thinning your veils, healing your cellular consciousness, removing blocks, and opening closed portals in all four bodies.

Knowing where your four bodies are will give you some perspective. Of course, you all know where your physical body is because you live in it. Your emotional body is just outside your physical body. Your mental body comprises the local brain and the omniconsciousness. The local brain is located in your head and has a 10 percent portion that gets you through the third dimension and a 90 percent portion that is mostly dormant but has access to higher information. The omniconsciousness is outside the physical body and contains higher levels of nonlinear information. Your spiritual body is involved in your journey here on Earth, but is also connected to the other realms and can access the information in the omniconsciousness through the higher self.

Putting a Miracle of Life to Work with Signature Cell Healing

Signature cell healing starts in the spiritual body and travels to the mental, the emotional, and then the physical body, addressing the cause of the illness, not just the symptoms. My medium [Editor’s Note: Kahu Fred Sterling] used signature cell healing to heal himself after his stroke. He was able to walk out of the hospital in three days, defying the medical world.