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Reinventing Ourselves with Grace and Consciousness

Reinventing Ourselves with Grace and Consciousness Michelle Karén

Mercury turns direct on August 7 at 1°30’ Leo. Its shadow period continues until August 22. The first week of August is a period during which we need to express ourselves from our hearts and reconnect with our creativity. Relationships with children could be enhanced, as this is a wonderful period to expand and outwardly shine our light from within. A lover from the past could reemerge. We may have to look at our creations differently. Also, an unfinished, forgotten piece of art can now be completed.

Saturn’s shadow period remains until October 1, giving us a chance to revisit and make right what was going on in a love relationship between October 28 and November 6 of 2011. If we had no relationship at that time, the opportunity is given to us to understand exactly what we want and create our inner marriage so that we may attract a significant other from a place of fulfillment and feeling whole, and not from a place of scarcity, fear, or need. We are learning to balance our power and our peace with grace, to delve deeply into life’s mysteries, and to truly understand our deep inner connection with someone we cherish.

Uranus remains retrograde this whole month until December 13. The shadow period will continue until March 30, 2013, when it returns to the exact same degree it started its retrogration on. It travels this month from 8°24’ to 7°39’ Aries. These two degrees are represented in the Sabian symbols by “a crystal gazer” and “a large woman’s hat with streamers blown by an east wind.” This month is about understanding our possible futures. We have the opportunity to choose a more appropriate reality than the most obvious one based on the simple continuation of our present. As we become aware of where the social changes are coming from while allowing our psychic abilities to protect us, we can use them to reinvent ourselves with grace and consciousness.