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Personal Response-ability to the Earth’s Energetic Field

Personal Response-ability to the Earth’s Energetic Field Dwahl Khul through Catherine Weser

We have entitled this particular transmission “Personal Response-ability to the Planetary Holon.” A lot of words, but what do they all really mean? First of all, we will describe for you the planetary holon as being the totality of all of the energy associated with this planet, Earth. That is all of the energy of all of the sentient life forms, the entirety of the lightbody, and the way in which the lightbody, or the spiritual essence, of this planet is fused into the physical vehicle the Earth. Everything that you are familiar with in this lifetime as your experience is really a part of the planetary holon, the energetic field associated with the Earth.

The Distorted Assumptions Hidden within Responsibility

You, as an individual, can interface directly with this totality, this energetic field that surrounds this planet you are incarnated upon. You interface or relate to the planetary holon through your ability to respond, your ability to be responsive — another way to describe the nature or course of true relationship. All of you are here in this incarnation to create relationship. Your primary relationship is to who and what you perceive yourself to be, engaging with the planetary holon.

The nature of personal response-ability is something very different than what you have known as responsibility. All of you have an idea about what responsibility is. In the collective, the thought form surrounding responsibility primarily engages in caretaking — that is, being responsible for something. That’s what most people think about responsibility. They think that they are responsible for their children, the Earth, another person — and all of these things that are thought to be the object. The idea of something that an individual is responsible for basically assumes the object is somehow “less than.” These objects can’t really do it for themselves, so someone else has to be responsible for them. Someone has to take care of them.