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Overcoming Your Fear of Post-Ascension Aloneness

Overcoming Your Fear of Post-Ascension Aloneness Master Djwhal Khul through Kathlyn Kingdon

Beloved students, I greet you this month in the radiance of your becoming and that of planet Earth. May each of you be filled with goodness and kindness as you deepen your commitment to both global and personal evolution. May the remaining five months of 2012 offer you the opportunities and challenges most beneficial to this ongoing growth. May you rise to meet them all, and may your wisdom increase by a hundred-fold.

Leaving Friends and Family Behind

This month I want to tackle a topic that is not often visited, but one that just may be a significant pièce de résistance for many spiritual aspirants. This is particularly true concerning matters of enlightenment and ascension, but I see it as having spinoff consequences in all manner of spiritual maturation. While my students generally only bring up the subject in private sessions or in small classes, perhaps it is time to put the issue on the table more openly and let it breathe some fresh air.

For years now, I have heard my Western students say that they hold a particular fear in regard to enlightenment and certainly toward the matter of ascension. It seems to many that if they take these vaster steps in spiritual development, they will end up enduring eons of loneliness. They often mention a perceived loss in not being able to take their friends, family, and spiritual comrades with them. This seems to exacerbate the matter further, leaving aspirants in a quandary of both wanting to go forward into the higher levels of spiritual evolution but also wanting to simply stay in their current existence, in which they are able to readily experience the company of family, friends, acquaintances, and spiritual camaraderie.