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Make Believe

Make Believe Archangel Michael through Carolyn Ann O'Riley

Greetings, greetings, greetings, my beautiful beings of light! The energies may feel as though they are spinning out of control for you now. My beloveds, take a deep breath in and just breathe slowly and rhythmically for a few minutes, with your eyes closed and your palms resting on your solar plexus. The physical form needs to slow a bit to bring you back into center and balance.

The energies will continue to escalate, my beautiful beings of grace, so learning to work with your physical form to help calm it will be a very important tool for you to master. Deep breathing is very relaxing, and surrendering your issues to your angels or the Creator is also helpful. Keeping your frequency levels balanced, centered, and in harmony allows you to attract the most beneficial areas and those that are for your highest good to you.

Since the chaos and energies are going to be around for a while, it is vital to your health and well-being that you learn to flex and cope with what is coming into your own energy fields and awareness. It is important for you to learn your own technique so that you in turn can teach it to others. Perhaps you already have an excellent exercise that you use to put yourself into this state of balance to calm down the drama, but if not, work with this one for a while and allow it to assist you with this issue.