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The Heightened Potential for Spontaneous Metamorphosis in 2012

The Heightened Potential for Spontaneous Metamorphosis in 2012 Simion through Amariah Mara

This year of 2012 will see a lot of what will later be recognized as spontaneous metamorphoses. Everything that has been building up has the potential to be released into creation at any given moment. This can result in overnight personality and characteristic changes. The alterations will have been developing over time, of course, but they now have the possibility of suddenly being released. All dormant potential can now spontaneously manifest. It is important to allow for these changes as they are observed. We will speak of how this relates to your personal lives, but the ideas can also be translated into global movements.

Expect Sudden, Drastic Changes

What on earth do we mean by spontaneous metamorphosis? Imagine you witness a caterpillar in a cocoon and you come back later to witness its final moment of becoming a butterfly. Wow, it appeared to be a sudden, drastic, miraculous change! How could this be? If you did not know any better — if you hadn’t been taught how this metamorphosis occurs in science class or observed the slow process yourself — you might think it was a miracle that happened in minutes.

This is the nature of the transformative powers of this year 2012 as a launching of the release of hidden powers and potentials. Everything to date in your personal development and the growth of the Earth has been at the caterpillar stage of development. Now it is time to see metaphoric butterflies being born, and the changes will often appear to be quite sudden.