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Feminine Technology to Transform Atomic Radiation

Feminine Technology to Transform Atomic Radiation Isis through Robert Shapiro

All right, this is Isis. There is an issue that must be discussed, and it is this: Right now your people are moving from masculine technology to feminine technology. In the case of the masculine — which, for example, is hammering a nail into wood compared to the feminine, which might simply request cooperation from all beings to create something, meaning it might be loving teamwork — there is sometimes a lack of trust in feminine technology on the part of masculine technology. Feminine technology might say, “Well, if we could have a house, it would be beautiful, and it would just seem to come together on its own, out of whatever materials that were available. The stone would fit perfectly well, and everything else would also come together because it wanted to be part of that house. And the house would be just fine to live in.” That’s feminine technology.

However, masculine technology might say, “Well, yes we can measure, we can cut it, we can place it, and we can use our machines.” But feminine technology would say, “Well, all of the machines were something else, really, made up of the raw materials they used to be. They are not happy with what they were manufactured into being. What if we didn’t have to tear up things, drill into things, or create suffering in order to create tools? What if we could just have these structures that we need for shelter and that they would last forever?” Masculine technology might be suspicious of that at this time, but in its natural, native state, masculine technology would not be suspicious.

Masculine Technology Is Reluctant to Move Away from Original Goals

You as a society, meaning Earth peoples, are moving, right now, from masculine technology to feminine technology, and this has been going on for a little while. But there is a great reluctance to do this, isn’t there? If you had to cross a narrow trail on a mountain or a ridge top and you had ropes and various other things such as walking sticks to support you, you would be much more comfortable — wouldn’t you? — than if you had to cross, for instance, in the way the deer or people born and raised in the mountains might. Seemingly, they can just run down the path without a concern, because essentially they would be glued on the bottoms of their feet to Earth, using love. Feminine technology is about love, and love does not mean passion. In this case, it means welcoming.

So the foot of the deer, wherever it lands, is loved and welcomed by Earth at that time. Earth would not do anything to shove the deer off the path, even if it is just a ridge, a cliff, or a narrow trail on a mountainside. The deer knows this and he can run along and be safe. Very often, people who are born and raised in the mountains, especially high enough so they don’t have too much contact with the technological world as you know it in your big cities, can often do this too if they have been trained properly by elders and by the animals they live with. So I give this example.

You now know that what’s happening in the world of masculine technology is a reluctance to move away from original goals, such as in the case of atomic energy, something like fusion, in which there would be no waste and there would be no worries. You could have a very small power plant, and it would produce a huge amount of power and take care of everybody’s needs, whether it is lighting a house or powering a factory and everything in between. So, for example, there is a reluctance by that industry to give up on the dream, even though the current level of atomic energy is really something that never should have left the laboratory. This was understood by the early pioneers, even though there were some who said, “Yes, we can do it.” They didn’t mean any harm, they just believed it could work.

Now you have what you have, and first, there needs to be recognition that you are moving from one type of technology to another. Feminine technology is about love, support. I might add that some of the mysteries in the world are somewhat more understood, perhaps, just by what I said in my opening words here. In ancient sites all over the planet, how did they move and fit those huge stones so close together, and so on. Well, that’s how — with feminine technology. It was maybe a thousand years ago — maybe thousands of years ago — and that knowledge still exists. It actually exists in the bloodstream, in the molecules, in the DNA of every human being on the planet, because your spirit not only knows these things but Earth as a planet also knows these things. What doesn’t know these things is your conscious mind. But your conscious mind can think about these things, consider them, and give them a certain amount of possibility, even those most mistrustful of the feminine technology can consider them nice ideas. So what you have to face is this: As you say, “It is the squeaky wheel that gets the grease.”

Right now, you are in a situation, or you as a world culture (I realize there are many people in the world) would like atomic energy to no longer be generated. But atomic energy will continue to be used as long as there are people who need it, who want it, or who profit from it, because it does — even in its current state of existence — support a great deal of the electrical needs of a lot of people. There isn’t, at this immediate point in time, a substitute that would replace it completely — though there could be within just a few years. That substitute is coming along. There is a lot of work on that, and it is coming along nicely. But it won’t be ready to replace atomic energy for a few more years, so the squeaky wheel is getting the grease, eh?

The attachment is to the future hope of, in this case — I know it seems like I am picking on atomic energy but you understand why, because of the current situation — fusion, for example. Although fusion has worked a few times in laboratories, it still hasn’t been entirely trusted because of the way science is at the moment. Science is still determinedly masculine, even though at the core of its being, it is definitely feminine, because science is intended to serve the needs of all beings — not just all people, but all beings — and it will be that way at some point. Of course, it is intended to do so with love.

The Northern Hemisphere Might Experience an Atomic Energy Problem

I’ve been building to something here that is problematic. You’ve had one catastrophic thing happen recently, not long ago: March last year in Japan. This wasn’t the atomic power plant simply blowing up; it was an effect Earth needed to do for her reasons. She wasn’t angry with the people of Japan, not at all. Good people are there just as other places. But it is an area that Mother Earth needs to have waters present very often. She also supports all beings equally. Mother Earth is inclined to love and welcome all beings — human beings, yes, but also the beings of the sea; you say fish. But Mother Earth loves the beings of the sea just as much as she loves human beings and the beings of the air — birds and so on — equally.

It might interest you to know that Creator also feels the same way, even though Creator is fully aware that human beings are intended to learn things. And all the beings who manifest on Earth, whether they be “animal” or human, are volunteers to come to this Earth school and learn how to create benevolently in a world that seems to be set for anything but. But that is because someday you will help others do the same thing, and you must be able to do that with absolute patience, with complete commitment, and with total love. That is why you as human beings are all here as members of the Explorer Race. You are here to explore, yes, but with absolute commitment and as I said above.

Now we get to the hard part. There has been a reluctance to give up on atomic energy, not just in Japan, but in other places as well. Some places have let go of atomic energy and are shifting to other things. It can be done even in a society that has factories and so on. You will see more of that as time goes on, because the wind blows and the sun shines, so there are things that can be done. I am reluctant to say but I will: There is a very distinct potential that there will be another problem with atomic energy. The only thing I can say for certain is that the chances are it will happen in the Northern Hemisphere. I am not talking about bombs exploding — interestingly enough there is fortunately quite a bit of cooperation from one government to another and even non-governmental peoples are cooperating to prevent that, as well as Spirit, of course, and other energies. So I don’t think that is too much of a threat. But it is still somewhat of a threat, so I encourage those who are attempting to prevent that to continue your good efforts.

I feel the real risk is something that has to do with atomic power plants — fixed ones, not ones that move about. There is a real risk that something else will happen soon. I am hopeful it will not, but it could; and if it does, it will mean that the Northern Hemisphere, especially — not only, but especially — will become even more contaminated than it is now. I know that there has been an attempt for obvious reasons, good reasons, to keep the level of contamination from this disaster in the Fukushima area somewhat secret. But because of the type of atomic power you are using now, radioactive waste and radioactive materials are not readily and easily stored any place safely, even with the best of technology. So this is an issue, a very serious issue.

I just want to say this: Think about the Southern Hemisphere as an area of residence. Here is an interesting fact: For a long time, there has been the whole idea in various philosophical and now in what you know as New Age circles that there would be a pole shift. But the poles aren’t really going to shift; however, the population might. Don’t hit the panic button; you have some time yet. But do know that the radiation level in the Northern Hemisphere now is generally unhealthy. It’s not catastrophically unhealthy, but it is generally unhealthy, meaning for the long range, not too good. For starters, I recommend that it would be good to learn the languages of the Southern Hemisphere if you can. Learn about the cultures, especially the young people. Learn about the good things.

Don’t plan to just take your culture down there and stick your flag in the ground and say, “Here we are” and “This is whatwe’re going to do.” If you learn the culture and learn how to speak the languages, be respectful. A lot of people will be welcomed. Some of you have been doing that now. I want you to consider doing it, especially your young ones, who are likely to be together in having children.

Atomic Power Plants Don’t Just Turn Off

Another long-range factor to consider is: This will require science. And science, speaking to you as if you were someone, you have already figured out how people could live underground, but not necessarily how people could live underground and maintain a comfortable, healthy lifestyle underground. It needs to be something you put your energy toward. On other planets, it is not at all unusual to find cultures living underground so they don’t disturb the surface of the planet, not because they have had disasters there but because the surface of the planet is for other forms of life. I don’t want to sound like the world is coming to an end; it isn’t. It is just shifting to feminine technology.

For those of you already engaged in feminine technology, some of which has been taught through this channel — good examples are benevolent magic, living prayer, true magic, and more along those lines — it will feel like a natural flow, and that is because of the love. The word “magic” is used only because it describes a change in internal and external circumstances that happens only with love and comfort for all beings. This shift to feminine technology will seem magical because things seem to happen, and it will just feel like the flow of life. It doesn’t feel like a magician suddenly pulled a rabbit out of a seemingly empty hat, so it’s not sudden.

While others are maybe easing toward the Southern Hemisphere, there will be a whole cadre of people, not militarized, working on the Northern Hemisphere, as well as the rest of the planet. I’m using the term “cadre” because you will have a strong sense of support for each other. Most of them will be volunteers, some will be trainees, and some will simply be so good at it naturally that others will perhaps even pay them to do this or support them in some way. They will be using forms of this loving feminine technology to transform the atomic energy above ground, below ground — the radiation, all of that — so that it is completely benign.

When you are ready to shift over to the alternate sources of producing electricity, which many places are, and when you’re ready to turn off the need for electrical energy from atomic power plants, you’re going to be faced with the fact that atomic power plants do not switch off. The atomic energy part doesn’t turn off. Once it is “turned on,” it stays on. That is something that is not completely understood by the general population: You can’t really turn it off. But it can be turned off with feminine technology. So I need to say this to you so that those of you who are working with it understand that you can go beyond.

I am not saying that you should go around doing this now, but train to learn how to do it because you can literally save your planet and all of the peoples and all of the beings on it with this feminine technology. Masculine technology science right now does not have the means to transform atomic waste and atomic energy — meaning the pile, as they call it, the rods and all that business your current science does not have a means to transform — so that it is “off.” You might say, so that it is not “radiating,” also known as completely benign. That does not exist, but the feminine technology that I have referred to in the past as “magic” — that this channel refers to that way and that this publisher has published any number of things about — is seeming like magic because everything transforms only a little bit. Nothing has to transform totally. Everything happens incrementally in the most benevolent way for all beings.

Do you want to say here what someone should say to transform the atomic waste?

No, because I want all of you to continue your training in benevolent magic and living prayer and all of the things that can be done to help ease yourself into a comfortable state to do this work. I want you to continue learning how to do these things and understand that even though you may not be part of the cadre that lives in the North and survives in a place that is not healthy because of radioactivity, you may be protected because you will learn first and foremost how to protect yourself from radioactivity. The people who learn how to do that and are able to do that well and safely will be the ones who move about on the surface of the Northern Hemisphere to transform the land and everything on it so that it becomes not only habitable but the atomic power plants can be safely turned off. And the atomic pile itself will be off to the extent that it gives off no more radiation than would have been measured in the past as simple background radiation that is always present, because of simply nothing to-worry-about energy that comes from the stars and space and so on. But even that can be transformed, so that helps to eliminate a lot of diseases as well. (And science, please don’t test the people doing this work. This thing of testing, sometimes called “destructive testing,” is not an acceptable way to do that.)

Can you be more specific? An atomic power plant in the Northern Hemisphere is going to … ?

Have a problem. I will not be more specific. I will just say that everybody who works in atomic power plants knows that there are leaks and things happen. Even with the best of efforts by the most conscientious people, there are certain things that tend to leak, whether in the liquid r gaseous state. There are, in short, problems, and because of the inability to turn off, you might say, radioactivity, it’s something that people in the industry — whether they simply work there or run the place — are encouraged to keep quiet about. Even people who totally believe in the value of atomic energy as it exists today completely understand that it exists at great risk, because in your current science, there is no method to turn it off completely. There is no current method to do anything about atomic waste, whether it is high yield or low yield. They don’t talk about it because they don’t know what to do about it. It’s one of the issues that people who work in and around and with atomic energy feel uncomfortable about, even people who totally believe in it feel uncomfortable about that. They would have been much happier if someone had just said, “Oh, here, magically, here’s fusion, and it will be fine.” But it didn’t happen that way because of historical circumstances. This is easily discovered by anybody who knows history.

You Expect the Government to Help You

How far should one live now from an operating atomic power plant to be safe from little leaks and stored waste — just a regular plant, no catastrophes?

I should think a couple hundred miles should do it — but of course, you are still exposed to the atmosphere, and water moves and goes everywhere, including through people’s bodies. A couple of hundred miles wouldn’t keep you safe, though, because the wind blows too, doesn’t it? That’s why feminine wisdom, feminine love, and — for the purpose of this talk today — feminine technology must replace the current state of technology because you can only force so many nails into so many boards. To let carpenters off the hook, you can only force the current state of technology to go so far without Mother Earth saying, “Okay, that’s enough; don’t do that anymore.” When you are poisoning the ocean and all of the water peoples within it, and when you have to throw fish back into the water because they are so radioactive, it’s not safe to eat them — and of course, if the fish are that radioactive, they are going to die — safety becomes a goal not necessarily reachable. So there needs to be some other form of technology completely that doesn’t have machines and working parts but that can create in the most benevolent way for all beings — and it exists now. It is just a matter of reminding you how to do it.

You don’t have to give up your religion, and you don’t have to give up your philosophy. You just need to recognize that it can be done and it does not necessarily have to be done in the same way, at the same time, by everyone in the way that you might have a scientific method: First you do this and then you do that and so on. The same way every time — no. Individual peoples who learn how to do this might have their own methods to do it, but what counts is the result and that it must be benevolent for all beings, meaning that no one is harmed.

Oh, granted, some people might look at what’s done as some people might dance around to do this, some people might sing to do it, some people might speak loudly to do it, and some people might be quiet and make unusual maneuvers with their bodies, doing like a dance of some sort. Some people might be very quiet and very still. In short, there will be different ways to do this, and while some people might be uncomfortable with that, that is their reaction, but it does not harm them. So be clear on what I mean by “benevolent.” Benevolent means no harm caused to anyone or anything. The whole purpose of it is entirely benevolent, and one portion of benevolence we recognize is that all people are not alike but the goal achieved can easily be accomplished by doing things in different ways as long as it is benevolent for all beings.

How do we find the level of radiation where we live?

I suggested that it is not being widely broadcast, perhaps rightly so, because the people, governments, authorities, and so on, recognize that people look to the government for help. If something is wrong, say, your street needs repair, you call the city and say, “Hey, there is a hole in the street. Can you put it on your schedule to come out and fix it?” And they respond that they will take care of it. People expect those in government to help them. But how would you feel as a government person if you went forward and said, “We have this problem, and there is nothing we can do about it.” You wouldn’t feel too good about that. Thus, there is sort of a universal acquiescence among government authorities that they don’t want to say things like that because they feel people might panic, and from their point of view — not mistakenly so at this point in time — in most places, it is not a disaster yet, but water moves, the wind blows, and all of these things as natural elements of Earth are going to distribute that radioactive situation.

From Japan?

From Japan at this time, but there have been other problems. I’m not trying to blame Japan. After all, the design for the atomic power plants in Japan wasn’t even created there. It was created someplace else. So they just did what they could and they built atomic power plants to have, from their point of view, the least impact possible in order to have the power to do manufacturing and light up homes and so on. So it just happened to be Japan, and the reason it happened to be Japan is another factor of atomic power plants. One often finds them near bodies of water, and this is done as an emergency measure, but you can see that this emergency measure doesn’t work because bodies of water aren’t necessarily calm.

It is not unusual for there to be earthquakes — it may not happen all the time — that happen in bodies of water that cause tidal waves, tsunamis as you say. And if there were no atomic power plant there, as catastrophic as that tsunami was in Japan, it would have been terrible — with a terrible loss of life as occurred with much suffering, it’s true. But then the people would have picked up and said, “Okay, let’s put things back together and go from here.” But now the situation is such that an immense part of Japan and other places — because the wind blows and water flows, and so on — is being radiated. You understand that the atomic power plant might as well be sitting outdoors, because there is no roof on it, and the idea of having water, all the water you need to cool the atomic pile, isn’t working very well, not when it poisons an entire ocean. So that element, learned the hard way now, will not come to bear if there were future atomic power plants being built. Even though there is a desire to build future ones, I think cooler heads will prevail.

Physical Mastery Is Done to Benefit All Beings

The issue is that there is really no way to prevent the radiation from pouring out into the atmosphere as it is doing right now. And by “atmosphere,” I don’t mean something miles and miles above the planet only. The plant in Japan — with no roof anymore, after having a complete meltdown — is just pouring radioactive energy into the air. And there is really nothing in the current state of affairs in science and of masculine technology — granted, in a more extreme state as it exists now, meaning, well, “We will put this stuff around it, and we will do everything we can to keep it safe.” But that is sort of wishful thinking, you know.

Don’t look for somebody to blame. This radiation is pouring out, and that’s that. Of course, the levels are up very high in the area where the plant exists in Japan, and it is migrating into the general neighborhood and also migrating around the planet — on the basis of the jet stream and so on. The reality is that governments are saying, “Well, perhaps we can devise something. Well, we think we can do something about it.” And of course, there has been tremendous personal sacrifices, tremendous heroism by people going into the plant knowing they are going to be killed by the radiation. There is tremendous heroism that is going on in Japan right now by people doing these things to try to help the situation: suffering, getting radiation poisoning, and dying in a not pleasant way. So know that the people in Japan are doing all they can do, but science does not have an answer. So you cannot really pursue a technology like that, meaning you cannot use that technology with hopes and prayers only. You must substitute something else and that substitute is available through the use of wind and sun.

I am not including, as you have noticed, water, because dams might be working for a while to provide electrical energy, but it is not the answer. Water needs to move; and it might interest you to know that if it doesn’t move and it is behind a dam, just moving slowly, it gets uncomfortable, and you don’t want water to get uncomfortable. When water gets uncomfortable enough, it wants to move suddenly. When it wants to move suddenly, there might be an earthquake. You understand, water is part of Mother Earth’s body, and if you have something that is itchy in your body, you suddenly want to scratch it; and even though you’ve been trying to resist, you’re going to scratch it. There might be a tsunami. Mother Earth is nothing if not a physical master, and you are here as Earth human beings to learn about physical mastery. Physical mastery, in the most benevolent way, is done to benefit all beings from one being to another, interacting with planets, with universes, with energies, with immortal love, and with Creator. It is done benevolently.

Please let go of atomic energy, make a long-range plan that is not so long range: five years, ten years tops. No more than ten years to transform all your electrical needs to something that is about wind — meaning wind power, wind generators, and sun, meaning batteries, solar panels. This is the most benevolent way to do it. Don’t get too attached to dams, because we don’t want water getting nervous and upset. Plan on eventually — not right this minute, but once you get things converted over to wind generation and solar generation — stopping building dams and gradually, not suddenly. Let’s not have earthquakes; let’s not have well-meaning people trying to take down dams. You let science do that slowly, release all the waters, and then the dam will just be taken apart or used as a road perhaps — most likely taken apart. The concrete can be recycled in some other way.

I realize you think I’m asking too much of you. But if you do nothing and continue the way you are, you don’t have much of a future as Earth humans, and you might just take the rest of the beings with you. Some of you wondered a while back why the animals were suddenly dying out —suddenly leaving. A lot of what they had to teach you is being taught now and you can learn how to do feminine technology by not only reading these books but by practicing some of the things that are on Robert’s blogs: the Mystical Man blog, the Benevolent Magic blog, and the Explorer Race blog. Of course, other people teach specific things too. But we mention this not because we’re trying to sell you something but rather because the material, the knowledge, and the wisdom that are coming through in this way can teach you to make changes that you would consider to be magic. And I assure you that it is benevolent magic and that it is something of Creator, of love, and only that.

Good night.