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Familial Integrity: The Story of Lemuria

Familial Integrity: The Story of Lemuria Lily and the Group through Beverley Bright Star

We are here today to introduce you to a concept that may be unfamiliar to a lot of you. It is a concept called “familial integrity.” We are introducing it into the group consciousness of humankind. It has much to do with the family unit, yes, but it must be seen as a moral preceptor of sorts — a sort of logo for humanity to move toward and strive for as an ideal, if you will. You are all family to each other, whether you recognize that yet or not. Through this story, you should begin to see each other — each race, each creed, each country — as one.

The Boy from Lemuria

The beginning of this story marks the anniversary of a fledgling civilization in Egypt many, many eons ago. It was actually before the Great Pyramid was built, in a time period called Juemen eiueik L-Mae-oi’uae-Mu sek le in the ancient Lemurian language, which is no longer spoken on Earth. Back in that time and place, there lived two men who met later in their lives and had a tremendous and lasting effect on each other, changing the directions of their lives and of the world at that time.

We will tell you about the first one, whose (unpronounceable) name was Ten ey C’ teanta, but we will call him T for short to make it easier for you, dear reader. Now T was raised in a small hamlet in Lemuria by very loving parents. He received the best education that a child of that time could get, one to which the whole large family group, or clan, contributed. Each child of that time had the benefit of this education and knew and loved each member of the clan. The children not only got the benefits of their parents’ love and wisdom, but they were lucky enough to receive gifts from all members of the clan.