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The Beautiful Frequencies Now Coming to Earth

The Beautiful Frequencies Now Coming to Earth Merlin through Miriandra Rota

Well now, here we are once again to have a little chat. How glorious! My dears, you have come a long way — don’t you have that phrase? Well you have. And now that you are walking on air, I’d like to tell you about what is coming along for you. Now don’t become apprehensive or overly delighted about all of this. Just listen for a while and let all of what I am about to tell you flow together into one message. And then you can hoot and holler, as you have the phrase.

The Origin of the Frequencies

There come those frequencies that have been making their way to your beautiful Earth for quite some time; I would say approximately three light-years have transpired since they initially flowed forth. And of course you might have a number of questions about these frequencies: What are they about? Who are they from? And perhaps even how will they affect me or us? Well, here are the answers, in a roundabout way of speaking.

They have been initiated by a people, so to speak, who long ago once considered inhabiting Earth; however, they decided that they would wait. Wait for what? They decided they would wait and allow the evolving inhabitants to do just that — evolve. And since their consideration, there have been many who have journeyed from other home planets and also considered whether or not to reside upon Earth. Some have done so, while others have also decided to wait or to move on to other possibilities.