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The Art of Personal Emotional Healing

The Art of Personal Emotional Healing All There Is, Was, and Ever Shall Be through Elliott Eli Jackson

Channel’s Note: It is a privilege to bring this message from Source to the wonderful readers of this magazine. If you are reading this, it means you are seeking a higher level of vibration, and that is good. Additionally, always remember All There Is, Was, and Ever Shall Be desires for you to have the best in life.

Hello. It is a pleasure to come to you in this manner today. We speak to you now in regard to the art of personal emotional healing, an art gifted to you from us. There are many techniques and methods developed by humankind to work on releasing emotional baggage, yet many are not fruitful. Why? Well firstly, we tell you that to heal yourself, you have to first understand that the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual aspects must work together to achieve overall total well-being. After you remember this, healing yourself on all levels becomes possible.

Once remembrance of this truth is grasped by someone subjected to an emotional issue, the subconscious mind of that person must start the process. The subconscious mind, which is linked to the spirit within, will begin to filter information that it receives from the spirit. After this occurs, if led by the spirit, the conscious mind will be positively manipulated by the subconscious to follow the spirit. For remember, the spirit knows that there is in reality no such anomaly as negative emotion. The spiritual man/woman intuitively understands that all feelings and emotions are for processing to obtain a certain affect or effect — you may call them gifts. The purpose, therefore, of any emotion is for it to be felt, as you understand the term, and processed by the spiritual and mental portions of the being for remembrance. Once the desired universal vibrational calibration is obtained, emotions should be released or let go. When the feeling or emotion is released, it goes back out into the universe whence it came, mixing with all other spiritually related portions and fractions of the universe.