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Your Unique Flavor of Light Plays a Crucial Role in Earth's Evolution

Your Unique Flavor of Light Plays a Crucial Role in Earth's Evolution The group through Steve Rother

Greetings from home, dear ones. All of humanity has reached a level from which there is no return. There is no going backward in vibrational status, and humans have reached a critical mass level as of this day. You knew it was coming. You knew the direction was going this way, and we told you recently that you had reached another critical mass level where love would actually overpower fear on your planet within the collective. Fear has been the one motivating factor that has been used throughout the planet to self-motivate. Now it may be helpful to find a new motivation.

You Have Reached the Point of No Return

Today, we would like to take that a step further. We would like to share some of our perceptions of your journey. In the beginning, there were tiny steps, but now you are running at full steam and taking these huge leaps to jump as many steps as you can in one simple move. Due to these changes, many of the comforts you have set up are beginning to change.

It is not that you will be uncomfortable but simply the fact that what once brought you comfort may no longer do so. You have cleared a space in order to use your energy to its highest potential. You had created a business or a job with clientele, friendships, and all the support networks. You will soon find that you do not need this support in the same way. All of humanity has just taken a very quiet but very effective and huge step in vibration. It happened very quickly. It will continue as long as everyone is in this together, as long as you have some demarcation points where you can measure and see your own growth.