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Using Your Intuition to Create

Using Your Intuition to Create Rhonda Smith

August 2011 (30/3), brings a sense of celebration and somewhat restless energies that require you to stay balanced and act constructively in your life. This is the energy of creation and fertility. You will have the potential to move into a new field of endeavor and into your creative inclinations. The goal is to celebrate your own self-expression and creativity as it is guided by your intuition.

August 1 to August 6, 2011 (21/3)

You begin this month with experiences in the area of loyalty. Loyalty is often attached to friendship, so these experiences will help you define what is true friendship. Also, it is for you to learn not to waste time, effort, or energy on fighting things you cannot change. This is a period when the old order changes to the new with an opportunity for peace and a chance to use creative energies to express your ideas for the expansion and growth of all concerned. You begin the month with a 22/4, which is the spiritual master builder. You are to take everything you have learned from experience and manifest it into your life by integrating it into your personal reality. Then you move to a day where you appreciate the fact that evolution is about adventure and change. Work on any insecurities based in the known to enable you to have the joy of exploring the unknown.

The spiritual master builder energies are in the background again as you experience a day of increased sensitivity to what lies beneath the surface. Now you can stand on your own foundation and take advantage of opportunities to get into the flow and respond to unexpected events as they are presented to you. Then integrate that bounty into yourself. Now you have a day to withdraw into a reflective state in order to connect firmly with your intuition and your soul self. Listen to your inner voice: it will give you direction for further activity, so remain flexible, resourceful, and adaptable. Make whatever adjustments are necessary to demonstrate the truth. A day of easy-flowing energies presents itself so that you can investigate any spontaneously arising events in your affairs. Take whatever action is necessary to bring them into alignment with whom you are. You end this period with a day of sharing accomplishments while maintaining harmony and peace within. You gain a deeper understanding of what a true relationship is and what loyalty really means. The goal for this time is for you to find your inner peace that starts with loyalty to self and understanding of truth.