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Spirtual Growth, Physical Change

Spirtual Growth, Physical Change Amma through Cathy Chapman

Dear ones, I am Amma, the divine mother of the divine mothers. I am your mother. You grew in my womb before you began your soul journey. I have been with you as you have planned your various lifetimes. I've watched as you have worked with your various councils and soul groups.

As you have experienced your various incarnations and expanded in multiple ways, those with whom you have worked have shifted and changed. You are not the only one expanding. Every soul who is in relationship with you is on its own journey of experience and expansion.

Physical Changes

Your body is changing faster now than it ever has since you quit growing as a child. Energies coming into the planet are changing your DNA. Your crystalline structure is activating. It has always been there since your birth. The possibility of raising your vibration and that of the planet has been here for the last few centuries as you measure time. The possibility has always been present in your true home, which has no time.>