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Sacred Geometry Bruce Rawles

Inclusive Geometry for Ascension

We are the prisoners of the prisoners we have taken.
—Johnny Clegg and Savuka,
from the song "Jericho"

All-Inclusive Awareness Releases Your Limitations

Geometry can be highly instructive when used in an effective context as a mnemonic mirror for our mental archetypes. When applied from an inclusive orientation, it is a quiet and generously tolerant adjunct to our inner compassionate guide to true freedom and serenity. Our awareness ascends to its true nature when we are willing to incorporate every bit of help that we are offered, and this includes the geometric metaphors that are fed back to us moment to moment. Our inclusion, in turn, extends that assistance to all, by virtue of the nature of true gifts that transcend the limited context of our individual, finite perception.

When we actively seek these clues to our awakening all around us, guided by the spirit of inclusion, it can become a fun and even amusing exercise as we learn not to take our fantasies and hallucinations quite so seriously. We also allow the deeper meaning from the essence of our being to reinterpret these universal hints about our true self for the benefit of all.

As always, when we make an idol of a shape or category of forms, or attach special significance to these forms, we miss the point at the heart of geometric symbolism. A useful rule of thumb for specialness is to examine if there's any bias that operates at the expense of anything or anyone else in your thoughts or feelings. That covers a lot of ground, doesn't it?