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Resonance: Harmonizing Your DNA Dreams and Desires

Resonance: Harmonizing Your DNA Dreams and Desires The Beloved through Kenton David Bell

Good morning. A new phase of energy is approaching us now, and a new interaction will take place. There have been shifts recently, whether you've been fully aware of it or not, that allow a new segment of information and energy to come through. Perhaps we should say a new segment of energy dressed as information will come through. It is the energy that is most important here, much more so than the words and the information. The energy is carried in the information—the words, sounds, and communication.

Energy is delivered as information for a reason. The easiest way for you to assimilate at this time is through listening and engaging the mind—the mental aspect of who you are. In a sense, the energy almost entrances the mind so you can open and receive what we are here to share with you and help you remember.

Memories of the Future to Come

What we are sharing is indeed a memory within each and every one of you, but a memory of something that has not happened yet. Your definition of memory is something that has been experienced and happened before. Thus when you remember it, you are recalling something from the past. In the current situation, we refer to memory as something that has yet to happen, yet at the same time, somewhere deep inside, you know will happen. We utilize memory in a slightly different way from the way you are used to using it. We use the word memory to mean a resonance within each and every one of you that is being awakened at this time.