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Practice Gratitude

Practice Gratitude Master Kuthumi through Lynette Leckie-Clark

I greet you as you enter my vibration. These things I teach are as relevant in your time today as they have been throughout the ages. It is pleasing to note that my teachings are available to thousands more souls now than in the time when I established the mystery school in Italy. Another time, another dimension—yet still the alignment of truth.

No Experience in Any Lifetime Is Wasted

So here you are reading my words, my friend. Some of you will know me in your soul memory from previous lifetimes. Some of you who chose the Pythagorean path with me may have sadness within. In that lifetime, many were hunted down and killed for their beliefs, for what they knew was truth. But I say to you: "Have no fear; fill your hearts with forgiveness and love instead." From this lifetime, you gained great knowledge and also much strength. No matter what the outcome, no experience in any lifetime is wasted. It is used to assist you in knowledge and soul growth; it helps you learn through all experiences. That is why I tell you there is no right or wrong—only experience.

And yet many of you are holding the emotions of resentment and unforgiveness within yourselves. Furthermore, each time you bring these thoughts of resentment to your conscious mind, you make this emotion of resentment stronger. Yes, each time you revisit the experience and the emotion, you feed the vibration of resentment. And so it builds and becomes stronger, until it is so large that it becomes difficult for you to let go of, difficult to dissolve away.