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The Origin of the Angelic Orders

The Origin of the Angelic Orders Almine

Translated from the Texts of the High Hamagda

According to the ancient records of the high hamagda, individuated existence has been traveling on a loop that has taken approximately 2,000,000 years to complete. An ascension of light takes place on one side of the loop, and the light becomes dominant. When life moves to the other side of the loop, ascension of frequency takes place. Light descends during the million years that frequency ascends and visa versa. The alternating expression of the masculine, or light, and the feminine, or frequency, takes place not only in the macrocosm but also in us, the microcosm. This manifests in our waking and sleep states.

According to the Toltec oral traditions, as well as the ancient records, major cataclysms have taken place on Earth 800,000 years ago, 200,000 years ago, 75,000 years ago, and 11,591 years ago. During the first three catastrophes, three parts of the feminine sank beneath the levels of conscious expression. During the last catastrophe, the masculine and feminine became stunted from further unfolding expression and communication between them was severed. The interactive dynamics between them was broken. The feminine no longer received the unfolding intent of the infinite for the masculine to interpret. Life became filled with opposition as our masculine and feminine worked at cross-purposes, not together.

The 2,000,000-year loop consists of 300 frequency-ascending cycles and 300 light-ascending cycles. The cycles are like spiraling discs. Many ancient ruins were designed in their time to track the changeover from one disc to another, not just solstices and annual rotations around the Sun. They knew the predominant expressed qualities of the discs—the large cycles of life—and named them. The last cycle of Atlantis's sinking was called Patua.