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The Mirror Effect of Mother Earth

The Mirror Effect of Mother Earth Master Kirael through Kahu Fred Sterling

Let us talk about Mother Earth, one of the younger evolutionary planets. When I speak of a mirror effect, I mean that you and Mother Earth reflect each other. To put this mirror effect into perspective, I will lay out the similarities between you and Mother Earth.

The Many Parallels Between You and Your Planet

As a human being, you have—in most cases—two aspects of your higher, spiritual self working alongside you at some level of consciousness. These two aspects are usually a little older than you and geographically far away from you. Your aspects are the same absolute projection of you, just in different forms and on different journeys. As the youngest of your aspects, you will go into the fourth light when the shift happens, taking with you all the downloaded knowledge of the other two aspects of your higher self, both of whom will go to another level of consciousness.

Mother Earth also has two aspects of her higher self that are absolute projections of her beingness. And she is also younger than the two other aspects, neither of which is within range of her physical body. You do not know of these two other aspects because your scientists have knowledge of only 6 percent of the cosmos, and these Earth aspects are beyond that 6 percent. Being the youngest of her higher self's aspects, Mother Earth will be the only one moving into the fourth light. The other two planetary systems are no longer in the third dimension; they have already moved into other dimensions. Your higher self, also known as your omnipresent brain, has contact with these other dimensions. Mother Earth is ready to go into the fourth light as soon as she can get her parts together—those would be you humans