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A Light Epidemic is Sweeping the Earth

A Light Epidemic is Sweeping the Earth Archangel Michael through Ronna

Beloved masters, there is a light epidemic whereby every person on Earth is being bombarded by the refined frequencies of God light. However, each person can only absorb and integrate the frequencies of light that their physical vessels can accommodate. You must be able to metabolize the God light in order to benefit from it and make use of it.

Personal and Global Membranes of light

Remember the term "membranes of light," for it is important that this concept is clearly defined within your mind. There were membranes of light placed across your memory when you began your journey into the illusionary realities of the third and fourth dimensions. There were membranes of light placed at the entryway to your sacred mind and your sacred heart.

There was and is a membrane of light surrounding your third eye, your inner sight. When your higher self determines that it is time for your third eye to open, it will be as if you received a surge of sacred energy on your brow. These specialized frequencies open the seed crystals of light within the pineal gland, which initiates the ability for telepathic communication.