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Inner Vision

Inner Vision Chief Red Eagle through Riz Mirza

Your inner vision is the greatest gift that you have. Your inner vision is so powerful that if you tap into it, there is nothing that you cannot be or achieve. You were born with this inner vision when you were a child. It was easier to utilize then. In fact, all of your waking hours as a child were spent being one with your inner vision.

Allow Your Inner Vision to Become Your Reality

What do I mean? What does inner vision even mean? Let us start here. Your inner vision is the natural, flowing energy of projecting into physical reality what you desire to feel. Your inner vision reflects what you really want from your experience in this life. Your entire life is one big process of allowing your inner vision—your dreams, your wish for emotional fulfillment—to become reality.

Your inner vision, however, is something you take for granted; isn't that interesting? You start to say that your inner visions don't really matter, that there is a reality that conflicts with your inner visions, your dreams. You start to say that it is not always possible to make your inner visions reality, for there are circumstances beyond your control that prevent it.