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How to Reconnect with Your Own Magical Powers

How to Reconnect with Your Own Magical Powers Isis and Grandfather through Robert Shapiro

If you're reading these pages on the Internet, print them and then read them. Print out both sides of the image of the hand or make a picture of your own hands by drawing a line around your own hands on both sides of a piece of paper. What is important is that once you start the process, you DO NOT TOUCH THE COMPUTER OR THE COMPUTER SCREEN; wait for at least twenty minutes or a half hour after you print the pages before you continue
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This is something that is magic, that is empowering, and that can be done—something that you can do. These are times that require you to use the magical powers you were all born with. You don't remember these magical powers because in order to adapt to the world in which you find yourself, you had to unlearn what you knew when you arrived as a baby. But now you need to learn it again, so what I am asking you to do is to cut this piece of paper carefully out of the magazine so you have only that one page cut out. Then I would like you to —and understand that when I say "I would like you," it is my way of instructing you. We (this is a combination of Grandfather and Isis speaking at the same time) must bring forth to the surface—at least in your subconscious and accessible by your conscious mind—the magical powers you were born with, so cut that page out of the magazine.

If you sleep on a bed regularly—and most of you do—put that piece of paper inside the pillowcase of your pillow. If you sleep with somebody else, make sure that it is only you who uses that pillow that night. We need you to touch that piece of paper while you are awake and for the energy of your more total being and of the beings and teachers you work with when you are asleep to also permeate that piece of paper. It would be best, but not necessary, for it to be inside the pillowcase. The advantage of it being inside the pillowcase is that if anyone else touches it—say there is a child or a dog or a cat—then it won't get damaged in any way. So it is in there and it will be permeated with your energy.

Then when you have a certain time available for you, maybe over a weekend, take the paper out of the pillowcase and put both hands on the paper: left hand on left outline of hand, right hand on right outline. Then hold it out in front of you—just straight out. You can be sitting down or standing up; it doesn't make any difference, although it might be good to do this sitting so you can rest your elbows on the arms of the chair, because you may need to hold that position for five or ten minutes—in some cases longer. Try to make sure that your eyes are not also looking at work, so don't do this at the office. I don't want you to be distracted—this is important. So if you are in a room where work takes place, close your eyes. Then after you have held the paper out in front of you, move it toward your solar plexus so that your hands are still on both sides of the paper but your wrists and a portion of the paper are touching your solar plexus. Then say:

I am asking that all the most benevolent energies that are available for me—including my guides, teachers, angels, and Creator's energy—be available for me now in the most benevolent way for me.

Then wait for a few seconds. Some of you will feel heat or tingling or something. Remember, try not to think. Stay focused on what you are doing. Because these words are precise, you can keep another piece of paper nearby and read the words from it. Make sure you say the words exactly right. If you trip over a word, you will have to go back and do it over. But it is not going to take a long time in any event. If you do have to go back and do it over, wait at least a half an hour. So you don't trip over the words, read them as slowly as you like, and if energy comes up at any time, pause until the energy passes a bit and then go on. That energy will be your guides, teachers, angels, and other benevolent beings of light helping to bring about what you are requesting. Then say this:

I am asking to have full access now, any time I need it, to my most benevolent magical powers that I was born with in my now life and that that happen for me in the most benevolent way and result in the most benevolent outcome.

Say this slowly. Remember, if the energy is present, say it very slowly. If the energy builds up very strongly, wait for it to pass a bit. Don't expect it to pass completely, because this is powerful. Then at some point when you are done saying that, the energy is going to fade a bit. For some of you, the energy will be so relaxing that you will fall asleep. That's okay. But when you wake up, or if you don't fall asleep and assuming you felt something, this is what to do. I'll give you something after this if you didn't feel anything, but assuming you felt something, then relax until the energy fades and, assuming you're sitting, place the paper down on your legs just in front of you (about at your knees), and do not fold it. Then take the piece of paper and get up. If the energy is still very strong, don't move; wait. Remember, the energy is what you have requested being brought about. It may not happen instantaneously, it may not happen readily, but it will happen—slowly but surely.

When you can move, move slowly over to your bed and slip that piece of paper into your pillow again. But this time, instead of slipping it to the point in the pillow where it is just under the pillowcase and then there's the pillow, you can put it there, but you can also put it on the bottom, meaning that the pillow is on top of the piece of paper, and the piece of paper is inside the pillow slipcover—that way. But you can do it either way; it's up to you.

Then rest a bit. Try to do no work, nothing. Don't eat. If you need to go to the bathroom, go. If you need to have a little sip of water, that's fine. But no food, nothing with any nutrients—and by that I mean no fruit or vegetable content, no plant content, you understand: nothing food-like. For those of you who drink beer, so you don't miss my point: no alcohol, just water for a half-hour.

You also need to try not to think. If you're surrounded by things that stimulate your thought, keep your eyes closed as much as you can. If you want to lie down and take a nap, that's fine. If it's your sleep time, go to bed. That's all right. If it isn't and you want to stay up, then return to where you were sitting and you can sit there. Basically, I don't want you to do much. I'm recommending that you don't do much for another hour and a half—so that's about two hours total after doing this.

So if you're a professional driver and you have somebody else that's with you, let them do the driving. If you're a professional driver—say, a trucker or something—then don't do this while you are likely to drive. Do it during your time of sleep and rest. Now for that time, it is not safe to drive for at least six hours because you will have times when you will go in and out, meaning you'll have times when you are not entirely present in your physical body, so to speak. That doesn't mean anybody else will be present; it just means that it will be like a meditative state. That's why it's not good to drive then. I want to underscore that. It's also not good to use machinery and not a good time to be working in a kitchen, all right? So it's just a time for rest, sleep, and relaxation. If you read and watch television, it can only be something that is amusing and does not involve harm or hurt to anyone or anything.

You Will Develop the Powers to Transform

You are not only involved in doing something magical to bring up your own personal magical powers that you are all born with but you are also establishing a relationship of trust with your own soul born in your body that has been lost over the years and that became confused when it had to adapt to the ways of your culture—and that means any culture on the Earth. So now you, as an adult, are really parenting that soul that was born in your body, that soul that is you. You are taking care of that being, and that being will take care of you.

Now, over the next three to six months, many of you will discover that something that you weren't able to do in the past without great struggle will suddenly be much easier—in some cases, just a snap. "Oh!" you'll say. Sometimes you'll think about this thing that you did, but most of the time, you won't. It'll just happen in the flow of life.

There will be a few other things that you will notice. Some things that you were attracted to doing will simply fall away: Some of those things you felt a little guilty about doing because you knew they weren't good for you, or maybe they weren't necessarily good for others but you were able to rationalize that it was "no big deal" and that they'd "get over it," like that (you know how rationalization goes), or that you were able to rationalize for yourself—"It's all right; I can take it"—a lot of those behaviors will just fall away. You won't feel guilty; it won't be something like that. Those things, doing those things, whether they are harmful to others or harmful to yourself, will just fall away. You won't do those things anymore. I'm not saying it's a cure-all; I'm saying that that will just happen, and you'll find other things that are easy for you to do and that are fun that you didn't know you could do.

I'm bringing this to your attention because there are problems in the world today that need solutions, and sometimes those solutions will be impossible in the course of life at the level of technology you have right now—and that means any technology, whether it is known or unknown (meaning known only to a select few). It will take the magical powers you were born with to be able to transform it.

You Are Learning How to Function in Your Physical Body

I want to get back to something that I said I would do. Some of you don't feel energy—meaning you might feel it, but you're not sure if it is energy, or you don't have a physical sensation at all. So when you're doing these things, when you get to someplace where you feel like, "Maybe I ought to stop there for a moment"—you don't feel any energy, but you have read what is said to others, and you think, "Well, maybe I should stop there"—go ahead, stop when you are reading the words. And by all means, when you read the words to do these things, you can speak the words slowly. All right?

Please understand that that kind of thing and the pauses I'm talking about are important. But again, regardless of whether you feel the energy or not, do all of the suggestions about the half-hour, the extra hour and a half—don't drive; don't operate machinery, follow all that kind of stuff for the same amount of time: It's for your own safety and the safety of others.

Now, this is for everybody: after the six-hour time, then you can drive a vehicle, but be vigilant about how you feel. You'll probably need to pause and rest more often. You may be feeling the need to eat different foods for the next twenty-four to forty-eight hours. Some things that you normally eat, you may want to eat less of. Some things you don't normally eat, you might eat more of—that kind of thing. Some things that you've never eaten before and other people eat might smell good or they might look good. If so, get a portion, try it, taste it, and if it tastes okay, if it feels all right in your body, go ahead and eat it. If it doesn't taste okay or you just eat a little bit, that's enough. Don't feel like you have to eat all of it because you ordered it. That's really important.

You are literally learning how to function inside your physical body. A lot of what you've been taught in your various cultures on the planet, while well intended by those who taught you, goes against the grain—meaning it goes against what your physical body, your personal, physical body, can do with your soul. So you need to learn, basically, how your soul—your spirit, you understand, your day-to-day self—functions in your physical body in the most benevolent way for you. Don't assume that if one pattern of behavior that's benevolent for somebody else—you might even notice doing this—is right for them, it's also right for you. You have to find your own way.

I know that this is a lot, but keep in mind that even though I'm saying, "I recommend that you do this," the main thing I'm trying to say here is do this only because you want to do it. Do not do this until you want to do it, and keep in mind that the magical powers I'm talking about will all be completely benevolent for you and others. I'm not talking about something you see in the movies or on television where someone has magical powers of destruction. It's not going to be like that. Right now, you have all too many powers of destruction that you are using technologically and in other ways. You not only need to balance that with benevolent, true magical powers that you were born with but also with an understanding of who you really are. And you will be getting in touch with that by doing this work.

Everything Must Be Transformed

So I'm speaking this way to you today because, as I said before, there are problems in the world now that while they are being addressed by people with practical knowledge and perhaps expertise in the fields that are needed in order to address those problems, some of the problems are unsolvable at the current level of technology, no matter how good the expert is. And even though they may never acknowledge what you have done [chuckles], some things can be resolved through magical powers and magic. That's why a great deal of the teaching through this channel and through others over the years has to do with benevolent magic in different forms now. But physical magic is also the key.

Words set the tone. They set the intent. But ultimately, the energy—the magnetic energy, the electrical energy, the physical energy, the spirit energy, the love—is what transforms. It will be up to you, now and in the times to come, to be able to perform the magical powers you came in with in this life, to transform all things, all life, all existence on Earth, into the most benevolent form it can be. There will be times when you won't even want to transform something—when you'll be mad at someone or something for what they have done, and you will be able to justify that and others will agree with you.

Yet all of that will need transformation, because in order to do, in order to cure, in order to bring about benevolence for all beings, from the tiniest ant to the biggest whale, from the youngest baby to the oldest adult, everyone—every blade of grass, every grain of sand, everything—must be transformed. Granted, some of it does not need much transformation, such as the grains of sand, such as the animals and plants, but they must be addressed. They must be appreciated. They must be respected. And you must allow them to be the most benevolent way they can be.

I know it sounds like a herculean task, but you will all be able to do this. You will. And you were all born with benevolent magical powers, every single one of you—different ones for different people, although some of them overlap from person to person. So that's what I have to recommend today. I'm not taking any questions because this is not about an intellectual pursuit. This is physical; this is spiritual. It is something you can do, but do it only if you want to. Good life.