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The Grid of Light

The Grid of Light Master Kuthumi through Therese Dorer

I see Master Kuthumi holding the Earth in his hands. A web of light extends over the Earth. The web is in triangle shapes, and a bright star shines in each corner of each triangle. This lattice grid shines and emanates a huge light and a sentiment of peace and understanding.

You Are the Light Grid

Welcome, my fellow lightbeings! It is with great joy that I come forth this day to speak with you. The grid of light I have shown the channel is very intentional; I created this vision to explain the times you find yourselves in. This year of 2011 is one of endings and beginnings—the end of the old paradigms and the beginning of the new energy you have been promised. I understand you have been waiting a long time for the changes, and we applaud you for your patience and resilience. It has been a journey of trust, a time to clear old energies and an opportunity to embrace the new.

You may notice that many of your fellow humans are still going through much clearing and changing. I encourage you to offer these beings compassion and understanding; this is the gift you can extend to one another in these changing times. Remember that these are their soul journeys, not yours, so it is imperative that you do not get caught in the chaos and confusion that they may be experiencing. Your support should be to hold space for the unfolding of their wings, not to go into the pit of despair with them.