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Getting to Know the Magnificence of Your Own Being

Getting to Know the Magnificence of Your Own Being Merlin through Miriandra Rota

Well now, my dears, let's have a little talk about what's really going on, what you can expect, and the erroneous beliefs about this current time called the great change. This is your friend, Merlin, and I am most pleased to be speaking with you right in this moment as you receive these words that you call forth. You do know that you call them forth, don't you? Of course!

Big Shifts and Changes in the Earth's Climate Are Nothing New

Now let's get real about all of this change and the predictions that have laced themselves within your beliefs so that you interpret all that has been occurring as evidence of the proof of the predictions. Firstly, this is not a time of great disaster. Does that mean that events will not occur that will feel disastrous? Some of these have already occurred.

However, the Earth has been breathing itself into great floods, fires out of control, tsunamis, and even atomic disasters for quite some time now, my dears. And even way back in the years when there was a hint of this time that was then called the "future of humankind," there were difficulties as the result of the completely natural shifting and changing of nature.