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Facets of the Ascension Process

Facets of the Ascension Process Three Johns through Nansea Lee

The planet Pluto remains in the sign of Capricorn through 2024. As we have mentioned before, planets hold specific essences and carry certain themes. Pluto represents transformation, power and integrity, and it tests our beliefs, patterns, and paradigms. Capricorn is an earth sign and signifies a connection to the material world, the traditional beliefs of humanity, and structures such as governments, banks, and institutions. Your world is changing at an accelerated pace. At this time in history, there are nearly constant yet unique astrological alignments that have direct effects on humanity. Some fear these changes, but they are designed to aid the creation of a better world. Humanity and the Earth are clearing and shifting so that both can embrace higher vibrations. The ascension process is multifaceted.

The Middle East has been out of balance for thousands of years. Certain planetary alignments had an effect on the area earlier this year, creating unrest. In February there were four planets in the sign of Aquarius. Aquarius is an air sign, which equates to the mental realms. Some of the qualities of this sign are innovative thinking and rebellious actions that stimulate many people. In April there were five planets in the sign of Aries. Aries is a fire sign, suggesting pioneering spirit or explosive emotions. These energies further ignited the unrest in the Middle East and around the world. Many planetary positions help to inspire change. At the personal level, the Aries energies in April motivated you to reinvent yourself and create something new in your life. What was out of balance needed be put back in balance. Changing planetary alignments are just one way the universe assists all of you with the ascension process.

Mother Earth

The planet Earth is undergoing transformation. Earth changes and weather anomalies are helping to shift her vibrations. There is a cleansing process under way to help elevate the earth's vibration. When you learn of a disaster somewhere around the world, visualize love and compassion and send them to areas and peoples in need. Open your hearts and send your loving prayers to them. The ascension process is unifying all of you and helping to raise the collective consciousness through love. Your hearts are being opened through the disasters you see and experience.