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The Earth's Struggle Between Fate and Destiny

The Earth's Struggle Between Fate and Destiny Master Djwhal Khul through Kathlyn Kingdon

I greet you this month in a flow of matchless blessings as you press forward with your dedication to planetary evolution. How amazing are the times you encounter! May each of you rise to your highest spiritual potential as you continue to serve planet Earth and all her children in the coming days. May you be richly blessed for your service and for the continued expansion of your compassionate hearts. May you reap the fulfillment of your spiritual goals, and may Earth truly be a better place for your having taken birth at this time.

Looking Past the Details to the Big Picture

As I am sure you are aware, the floods of spring have given way to the fires of summer as your planet deepens her own purification process. Perhaps this is a good point to reiterate an old recognition of how the phenomenal world operates. With all the changes that have come forth so far in 2011, it is perhaps wise to remember that "things exist only to change," as the old Taoist admonition goes. Yet with all the profound shifts and changes arising, as well as the amount of information being bandied about and people's reactions to it, I notice that many folks are not only confused by it all, they are also feeling overwhelmed and helpless. While these reactions may be understandable, it is probably a good idea to move a bit deeper in your process of understanding.