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DNA Activation

DNA Activation Simion through Amariah Mara

The DNA activation that we have been mentioning [Editor's Note: in previous channelings] will be happening on a physical and spiritual level. There is DNA that appears to your science to have no discernible use, but in fact it is latent genetic material that was strategically placed in your design by your spiritual parents. The human race is a mix of genetic material from the cosmos, as is all life on Earth. The life on your planet did not originate there, but that is another story.

More importantly, the universe is created by consciousness and there exist beings of varying degrees of awareness and ability as creators. There is a higher aspect of your soul that created you, so to speak, and a higher aspect of your unified soul that created humanity and seeded life in this material universe. More of these universal dynamics will become apparent as your mind is expanded and can comprehend creation with a wider perspective.

New Connections to Other Dimensions and Vibrations

Everything in your physical world has a spiritual, ethereal connection, including the DNA codes that are the blueprint of your biological and frequency structure. There are various levels of energetic code that, along with a biological code, allow your soul form to be expressed within certain physical frequencies. That said, there are physical gene codes that will become active and a multitude of energetic codes that will be turned on to allow you to synchronize with the new dimension.