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Be a Center Walker

Be a Center Walker Dwahl Khul through Catherine Weser

It has been a challenging time for many, with much acceleration of energies and many changes. Not only have you been able to observe changes going on all around you, but you may have also noticed many changes occurring inside of you. If you have held your center, you have been able to observe these changes without becoming swept up in them or swallowed up by them. If you have become a center walker, you have "lost your edge" and relaxed with the evolution and the challenges that are a part of it all.

Center Walkers Spur Earth's Evolution

Many have been feeling a lack of direction or purpose and yet also a yearning to contribute or participate more fully in the unfolding of the next steps for humanity. What can you do if you feel simultaneously stuck and excited about moving forward or if you feel like you take a step forward and then are sent backward, losing sight of the direction you are seeking? What can you do if you see people clinging to the extremes everywhere you look—from those who are ready to ascend off the planet as quickly as they can to others who want to dive into the planet, into a cave, off the grid, back to the Earth? The polarization seems to be getting stronger. The center walkers seem to be in the background while the edge walkers have the loudest voices.

We are here to say that the more polarization there is, the more possibility there is for the center ground to be found. As people move to the edges, they leave more space in the center. Eventually that spaciousness in the middle allows for more expansion, more growth, and the possibility for the center walkers to find their voices and their power. So all the polarization is just an expedient way to clear the space for the new leaders and new expression to emerge.