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Adventues for Children

Adventues for Children Lynne Cox

Firefly Adventure

It is bedtime. As you turn out your light and take a quick peak out your window, you are surprised to see several fireflies dancing in the dark. "Angel, come see the fireflies," you say, giggling as you watch them begin blinking their lights on and off.

Just then Carpet surprises you. You watch Carpet waving his tassels excitedly for you to open your window. Carpet flies into your room just as you get the window open. "I've got another adventure for you!" Carpet cries. Knowing how excited Carpet gets, you quickly hop on and off you go. To your amazement, the fireflies follow you. It's fun to watch them glowing and shining. Sometimes they take a rest on Carpet, and other times they dance around it.

Flying over a forest area, you suddenly see lights in the dark forest flashing on and off.

"Carpet, did you see that?" you ask.
"That's just a teaser." Carpet chuckles. Carpet makes a few more turns. "Wow!" you exclaim as thousands of lights flash in perfect unison with one another. You watch mesmerized for several minutes, taking in the amazing light waves as the fireflies dance through the air.