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Activation of God Particles and the Expansion of Human Consciousness

Activation of God Particles and the Expansion of Human Consciousness The Omni Oneness through Judith K. Moore & Sean Sands

The power of One is manifest in a new dimension of consciousness on Earth. Cosmic frequencies are opening subdimensional fields of vibration that are powerfully affecting our understanding of relativity. Consciousness has accelerated, shifting the nature of mass and matter. Each particle of form is now engaged in adapting and applying the law of One to quantum vibration, resonance, and harmonics through dimensional and subdimensional fields.

The accelerated continuum deepens your relationship to cosmic forces, which now affect your mind. You can now respond to a new dimension of sound—the harmonic of the Omni One—that alters your conscious receptivity through the interpretive centers of the human mind. Simply put, those individuals who have opened to a state of attunement to the harmony of peace and cosmic principles now experience an expanded reality.

Reality Shifts Envelop Planet Earth

Reality on planet Earth was formerly dictated through certain constraints that created closed thought forms and self-limiting principles of mind and reality. Vast areas of the populace were locked in delusions designed to maintain the status quo. Once an ideology became a controlling doctrine for collective group, only a few exceptional humans could go beyond the dictated social norms and behavior patterns.