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Welcome Clarity for Expansion

Welcome Clarity for Expansion Egyptian Cat Beings through Mary Elizabeth Hoffman

The energies in April are quite the mixture as cosmic vibrational energies of balanced reciprocity flow into the earth and all upon it. Emotional responses require diligence now to remain aware and to harmonize the psyche, body, and spirit within the self. Maintain calm surroundings and be present to appropriately respond to the current space-time continuum.

With Jupiter and Neptune conjunct in late Pisces, confusion regarding the wisest direction for expansion may become challenging. The transformation of past patterns of emotional coping causes reactions to memories and past traumas rather than responses to present-day situations. Those with a tendency to see things as black and white, right and wrong, and good and bad have yet to discover how to be the captains of their emotional ships. Thus, they might attract situations that test their resolve and inner knowing. So they must discover how to take action in a manner that is for the best interest of all.