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The Transformative Energies of Live Plants

The Transformative Energies of Live Plants Zoosh and Isis and Grandfather Speaking as a Joined Energy and Bamboo Spirit through Robert Shapiro

Zoosh, Isis, and Grandfather Speaking as a Joined Energy: Greetings. Learning to live on Earth is all about paying attention to life around you. The life around you is often quite vigorous, even shockingly so in the plant world. Sometimes those of you who have nice green lawns or perhaps green pastures are alarmed at the plants that will volunteer and grow vigorously. Others will welcome these plants without condemning them into the category of this or that weed and trying to eliminate them.

Please know that all the plants you condemn as weeds are, in one way or another, intended to be supporting of you on a physical basis to cure all of your ills, physical and otherwise, and that even though they may not always be safe to consume in whole or in part, they are always safe to interact with on a living basis. For instance, as you might read in this book, you would just look at the plant from a short distance and breathe in and out; just breathe in and out, looking at the plant and absorbing the life and light-filled gifts the plant has to offer you