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A Time of Personal Reclamation

A Time of Personal Reclamation Lynn Buess

As spring emerges in the Northern Hemisphere, the spirit of revival and renewal blossoms among the populations that have grown weary of the political climate. In the Southern Hemisphere, fall brings the cooling and collective action of refreshing change from the dark and damaging influence of wannabe global rulers.

Compromised and corrupt leaders are now being openly exposed and deposed by the majority, who choose to restore freedom of choice in their lives. Many suppressed stories that were ignored by the media and regarded as conspiracy theories suddenly prove to have merit and demand further public scrutiny. The real nature surrounding the “great flu fear” of 2020 comes closer to the surface, as a majority of world nations back out of the pressure to participate and are resolved to taking a closer look at the intention of the global program. The news will bring revelations related to huge social and political reformations