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Markers of Confidence

Markers of Confidence The Circle through Carlos Rubio

Taking any first step requires confidence and courage because it is not known what will follow. It is in your human nature to be afraid of what will follow. That’s why taking that first step, speaking that first word, and taking that first action brings up fear. It is all right to let that part of your nature be because in the past it was a necessary trait to have. It was important to be discerning of the unknown and avoid taking a step that was going to cost you your life. Deeply ingrained inside each of you at the DNA level, there is still the fear that you could be mistaken. However, it is this fear that prevents you from opening up to possibilities. It is in your nature and genes, but are you going to let that stop you?

That’s where free will comes in. You can choose to be stopped in your tracks even before beginning your journey, or you can choose to stay with your limitations and say: “I choose to continue forward. I choose to trust that I am protected and well served by the universe. I am supported, and I am shown exactly the next step at the right time. I am taken to the right place, the right circumstances, and the right people so that I can establish a node in time and space to anchor energy.”