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Increase Your Light

Increase Your Light Angel Raphael through Adria Estribou

Today, we want to talk about broadening your light. What does that mean? Some of you think of yourselves as lightbeings, and some of you think of yourselves as bodily beings with fingers and toes and kneecaps and so on. And some of you think of yourselves as perhaps souls within sheaths of different kinds of light, or auric matter or goo or blood and fluids. There are so many different options, depending on how you look at the layers here, right?

Your Capacity to Hold Light

When angelic beings look at humanity, we have the capacity to see you in the third dimension, so we can see your body and the floor, walls, table, and so on. We also see into your soul, which shows your patterns of being — the choices that you make, the yearnings that you have for growth, and so on. And we also see the capacity of the soul to hold light.