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The Turning of the Page

The Turning of the Page Ancient One through Miriandra Rota

Greetings! I am Ancient One, and I am most pleased to flow forth to speak with the many. First, I would like to say that you are all doing very well. This is a chaotic time, and you have abundant reasons for stress and reactions, but you have been able to hold truth to yourself and the meaning of truth. You have been able to remember that all beings are one being. During this time on Earth, that is quite an accomplishment. Cause and effect begs beings to celebrate right and wrong as well as truth and untruth, which is all right, except those are all persona-related actions and reactions. The truth is that the spirit of all beings is one spirit. That is what I am happy to congratulate you about.

I have come to speak about how the histories of those who have visited Earth in ancient times are now coming to fruition. What does that mean? I am not going to speak about something very strange although I suppose some of you would truly enjoy that. No, as some have previously said to you, I am speaking about the turning of the page. This is the time in your present history of a great upheaval of certain patterns and frequencies — frequencies that have been waiting for what?