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Transform Darkness into Light

Transform Darkness into Light Highest Council of Light through Penni Moore

Good day, beings of light. Many of you have been following the events, narratives, and speculations as to what has been truly occurring on your planet the past year. As you are probably aware, so-called digital warriors have been instrumental in helping and guiding humanity. Your world, as it appears to you, is being turned upside down. Day after day for quite some time now, events and plans have been revealing the dark and transforming it into light. This darkness has weighed heavily on your planet for a very long time.

Moving forward, it is a time to rejoice and join with your brothers and sisters in heralding a new time for humanity. Those of you reading this have worked very hard to bring the New Earth to fruition. Let us remind you that what is occurring to heal the planet and humanity all began with your inner soul work, which was, in part, taking care of your vehicle and shining your light, day after day, for the benefit of all.