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Step 2: Opening to Your Intuition

Step 2: Opening to Your Intuition Sarah Goddard Neves

Your intuition is an expert at telling you what is for your highest good. It can truthfully inform you of what is going on around you and what another person is like in order to help you make the right choices. For example, your intuition can usually spot whether someone is being honest or not. Of course, there may be other giveaways — like facial expressions, body language, and what is being said — to get an idea about character, and these are to be carefully observed. Yet when you become aware of the accuracy of this divinely tuned-in side, you can instantaneously sense the energy of others and your environment before needing to analyze a situation.

Some of you may have shut down your natural ability to recognize your feelings. To allow the wisdom of them to emerge, you will need to acknowledge the truth about how you are running your life, your feelings about a specific person or a certain situation. For some, this may seem scary, because once you admit your feelings, you might think that you have to change in some way or another. However, not being attentive to your feelings or denying them can slow down your growth.