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Stand and Face the World with Your Great Light

Stand and Face the World with Your Great Light Supreme Creator Goddess through Luanne

It is true that every thought you think, act you perform, and word you speak either raises or lowers your light quotient. As goddesses of light, we are directed to continually raise our light quotients. As goddesses of the old Earth, you were directed by All That Is to lower your light quotients. Now you are being asked to return to the light by raising your light quotient every second of every day. Because every thought raises or lowers it, you must be vigilant in your thinking as well as in your words and actions.

In this time of confusion and transition, it is of the utmost importance to hold or raise your vibration as high as you can each day. Notice when you listen to others that your light quotient drops with every negative word. Your job is to hold your light so that others can see and feel it no matter what they think or say.