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The Secret Wisdom of Animals

The Secret Wisdom of Animals Kim Malonie

Marie-Sylvie: I have a puppy who is not even four months old. She doesn’t eat much, and lately she’s been throwing up several minutes after she eats. The vet changed her food, but her response is the same. Her name is Opono. I bought her from a breeder, and she came with the dry food she was on. She was small and from a litter of twelve. She was spayed at ten weeks, before I picked her up.

Opono had x-rays done today, and they will do more in the morning. The vet will check for an obstruction, and if that’s not the cause, she might have a food allergy. We switched her to Royal Canin wet food because she had a dental issue and had surgery to remove a few baby teeth. We switched her to another dry food last week, and yesterday I tried yet another dry food. She threw up this one too. The vet gave us hypoallergic food for the night.