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Essence Energy Imprints of Light Children

Essence Energy Imprints of Light Children The New Ascended Masters through Maurene Watson

Energy masters, as living examples, you now embark on a journey for the next six decades to guide and illuminate humanity as people become their own free energy masters. The embodied heart essence must be free energy. Your cosmic heart experiences awareness of that freedom inside each embodied master soul-heart essence DNA-code imprint. Free energy is essence heart guidance and communication moment to moment and potential to potential. The heart vibrates essence matter into existence, and it simply appears in your hands to use. Your beautiful heart knows what will fulfill its every potential and vibrates it into awareness because it already exists in the All That Is of creation.

Your quantum lightbody instrument serves as an adaptive imprint for your new-species evolutionary organism evolving all life for all ensouled children of creation. Indeed, the sovereign heart biosphere will continue to adapt for all the cosmic races until a new race of peace appears. The embodied soul essence experience of uniqueness and genetic multiplicity within diversity ascends enlightenment into a seeming mystery of a meta-essence heart.