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Connect with Your Shadow

Connect with Your Shadow Lynn Buess

The vibration of the month centers on issues of the human race and its aspiration for perfection, universal peace, prosperity for all, utopian urges, and the spirit of cooperation. Within individuals and collective institutions, the aching drive for perfection is too often twisted and turned to become less than pure. We are a seriously flawed race, and proportionally we strive to improve and reach a more refined level of civilization.

It is human nature to more often than not deny, repress, and ignore our troubled selves and go out into the world projecting personas that we believe will best cope and get what we desire. It is a sad testimony that more often than not the most troubled and disturbed of us end up in positions of power and leadership. They can then exploit the denial, fear, and weakness of the masses, who do not want to see bad in others since it would mean having to face themselves