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Be in the Flow of Cosmic Shifts

Be in the Flow of Cosmic Shifts The Egyptian Cat Beings through Mary Elizabeth Hoffman

Energies for April 2021 call forth the mystery of the Sphinx, representative of the phoenix fire energies of longevity and rebirth. The energies prevalent in April 2021 are overlighted by and signify three of the four points of avatar: Taurus, Scorpio, and Aquarius. The fourth point is each member of the human kingdom, as all stand now before the Sphinx facing it in the Leo position of honoring truth as the movement into the Age of Aquarius. This signifies balanced reciprocity with All That Is. Whether in meditation, dream time, or day-today living, all will be continually queried deep within their soul-hearts to answer their personal riddles about why they are here.

The Taurus point of avatar will be activated by Uranus, bringer of guidance for changes necessary for smooth cosmic, planetary, and personal shifts. Those open, receptive, and flexible to alternative ways of being will discover a variety of flows within which they can discover more of their souls’ passion, purpose, pleasure, and joy on their soul-heart journeys on Earth. Those shifts and changes might be required, at times quite rapidly, to follow the soul-heart’s inner guidance and messages of truth and timing. There will be an ease of flow and movement as seekers become proficient at being the captains of their own ships in the vast sea of life.