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Ask Sara

Ask Sara Sara Wiseman

As I become aware of details from my most recent past life during my fifth decade of this lifetime, how can I transition from the mental clinging deep in my psyche and be fully in this body? I have a meditation process that brings me into the present, and I live mostly in the present. I just feel there is something deep down that doesn’t want me to “get this.” It seems something wants to keep me stuck. I need some help to locate this and set forth a new ideal of living. Thank you, dear soul. — Salina

From Sara: You’re talking about the reality of the human condition, Salina. We are divine beings in human containers. We are not meant to live only in the ethers but right down here on Earth, experiencing all the human things we are here to experience. Pain, suffering, confusion, and chaos — all these are part of the human experience. Why? Because our purpose here on Earth in this precious lifetime is to experience all that and then learn how to transcend or transmute that suffering into love. It is not an easy task, is it? As infinite souls, we reincarnate again and again until we finally crack the code.