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Your Soul-Heart Journey Progress

Your Soul-Heart Journey Progress Egyptian Cat Beings through Mary Elizabeth Hoffman

April 2020 is an ideal time for bringing new ideas, plans, and desires into the physical 3D expression through the portals opened by heart-oriented desire. These powerful compassion energies may be utilized to move mountains that have blocked the evolution of unconditional love in ways that are in the wisest and best interest of all beings and Earth.

When these energies are expressed in a bullheaded, pushy, and inconsiderate fashion, the pushback will be swift and direct, manifesting a variety of outcomes politically, economically, and environmentally. Where the intention is greed or personal acclamation, explosive sideways results could be the outcome.

The cosmic intention of these energies (with Pluto and Jupiter conjunct in late Capricorn and Saturn and Mars conjunct in early Aquarius) is to shift human destiny and Earth into one of harmony, empowering the gifts of each, individually and collectively. This happens in ways that feed and nurture the hearts and souls of all.