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As You Think, So You Are

As You Think, So You Are Lady Portia and Count St. Germain through Star Hinman

Lady Portia: You are entering a very important period of time for growing and evolving your consciousness toward the ultimate goal of ascension into higher realms of reality. You are no longer limited by a glass ceiling that acted as a barrier to fifth-dimensional consciousness. It was dissolved by many important activities of light that transpired over many years. You are now freer to access higher realms than ever before. But if you are unaware of this opportunity, you might not use your inherent abilities to focus on these higher realms.

We bring you this message now, because humanity, and all life, is poised to make a great leap forward. You might not realize your divine role on Earth is to learn to use your abilities, focus on higher realms, and discard the limitations of the past. It is our intention to give you some concrete information on how you might approach this process.

You might know how to avoid negativity and polarization of consciousness in your thought processes, but you might not completely understand why this process is so vital for your growth. Unfortunately, many of you languish in the prisons of mind and thought, entertaining erroneous beliefs about reality that you might have unknowingly created for yourselves. To be successful in this process of moving forward, you need to be aware of the thoughts that come to you and distinguish the belief structures you have set up for yourself in your process of understanding reality and all that this process entails.