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Take Time Out to Watch the Magic

Take Time Out to Watch the Magic The Keeper of Time and the Observer through Steve Rother

The Keeper of Time: Greetings from Home, dear ones. I am the Keeper of Time, and I’ve jumped into your timeline for just a moment to look around and see the magic you are creating. It’s very interesting, because we see the larger picture of everything that’s here. The Observer will share more about the larger picture and how you can all start to see it.

We are celebrating planet Earth these days. Your hearts have opened in a huge way. While some of it has to do with rejuvenating yourselves, it’s much more than that. The energy has set a new tone, and if humans can grasp that and use it, it will stay.

So, dear ones, just breathe. Know that we are together as one, for we are unity. Your light is growing brighter than you imagined. For some of you, it will cause difficulties, because it will cause attention that you may not want.