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Stop the Creation of Negative Things

Stop the Creation of Negative Things Angel Raphael through Adria Wind Horse Estribou

This is Raphael. Let’s speak about creating negative things, because we’ve been speaking about wishing and receiving. The truth and the trap here, when you are such a strong creator being, as all of you are, is that you can also create negative circumstances by believing in them.

That’s when you repeat before you leave the house: “It’s always impossible to find a parking spot at this location.” Then when you get there, there’s no parking spot. You have the ability to create negative things as well. When you find that you’re doing that (or when you find yourself in fear, doubt, or worry), as soon as you recognize it, catch what is happening. Understand that this also could be seen as positive; this is a demonstration of how you are creating your world.

Because you can change it instantly, just stop in that moment when you recognize what you’ve been doing — creating from a fear or habit space: “Argh, this is something that always aggravates me.” Is that what you want? If it’s not, then create something positive out of that situation.